Tarot Beginner Course

What is Tarot? How can Tarot assist you on your journey? How can you work with your own deck? What is the first step you can take or not to take? How can you know if the message is from Spirit not your mind?

This course is suitable for people who just begin their journey with the Tarot.

In 4 classes, you will learn
– how to connect with the energies of your cards 
– how to differentiate the message from Spirit and from your mind 
– a 3 card spread that you can practise every day

Duration: One hour each class 

Fee: HKD 3000 (4 classes) (online) 
Group class or Face to Face class is available upon request. Class can be conducted in Cantonese, English or Mandarin. 

 Email for further information.


Relaxation Meditation

Do you sleep well? 
Are you always under stress?
Do you want to have just some time off for yourself?

If you are looking for a space and a time where you can just be yourself freely, I invite you to join my relaxation meditation evening where I will guide you through a gentle exercise where you can reconnect to your inner peace and harmony. 

No experience needed. All are welcomed.