Tarot Reading

Tarot is a powerful tool to assist you on your journey, give you clarity and insights, help you step forward without fear. It also reflects your inner gifts and abilities and how to harness them.

Most people believe Tarot is only a tool to predict future. As a matter of fact, Tarot is a healing tool that is to help people grow.

In your reading, you could

  • gain insights into your situation and how to move forward with confidence 
  • let go of your mental worries and emotional burdens
  • navigate through challenges without feeling overwhelmed
  • rediscover and harness your inner strengths
  • reconnect to yourself
  • regain your balance and harmony in life 
  • how you can create change and stay on track
  • how to fully embrace your potentialCost:  HKD500(30-min online reading) HKD1000 (60-min online reading) HKD 1250 (60-min face to face reading) 

What people say about my readings.: