Introduction to the Tarot

What is Tarot? How can Tarot help me on my journey? Learn about the illusion of the Tarot and how you will know your reading is genuine.

There are many illusions about the Tarot. Some of them see it only as predictive tool. Some of them think that the definition of each card is fix therefore the meaning is the same for everyone. Some people wonder if their readings are genuine. Most of us just want to know how the Tarot can help them in any constructive way.
For  me, Tarot is a tool to assist people on their journey. It is a powerful healing tool that help people grow. At the same time it is very gentle because it is a way that Spirit uses to help us in difficult situations and show us how we can move forward wisely.
As a result, each reading and each card is unique to the person.
In this class, I am also going to share with you how you can find a genuine reader and how you can know if the reading is genuine
Fee:HKD300 (one hour online)
Face to Face or group class is available upon request.