Weekly Tarot

Every week I offer a one-card reading for a specific situation. Follow my IG to get the latest tips. Hope this can give you some insights of why you are having uncertainties or challenges at the moment and through understanding the reading can help you find ways to move forward. 

Do you enjoy what you are watching? Are you curious to know more? Do you want to have a personal reading which can give you a fuller picture and specific solution for you?

Tarot reading and course

Tarot Reading 

Tarot is a powerful healing tool. A Tarot reading can help you understand where you are and why, what you need to move forward and how you can harness  your own inner tools and gifts to move beyond your challenges.

Readings can help you on your daily situation such as finance, work, relationship or give you a new direction in general. 

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Tarot Beginning Course

What is Tarot? How can Tarot assist your journey? How can you work with your own deck? What is the first step you can take or not to take?

This course is suitable for beginners who just start their journey with the Tarot in a fun way. 

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What people say about my reading

When doing my Tarot reading, Sonia was fully connected with her guidance and addressed directly to the questions in my mind.
Very clear message and direction.

Thank you, a wonderful experience as this was my first Tarot reading in my life.