Tarot Reading

Tarot is a powerful healing tool. A Tarot reading can help people gain clarity and an understanding of a bigger picture. It can also assist people move forward with confidence.

Introduction to the Tarot

What is Tarot? How can Tarot help me on my journey? Learn about the illusion of the Tarot and how you can know if

your reading is genuine.

Tarot Beginner Course

What is Tarot? How can Tarot assist your journey? How can you work with your own deck? What is the first step you can take or not to take? This course is suitable for beginners who just start their journey with the Tarot.

Meditation with the Tarot

What is your tarot card showing you? Why do you always get the same card? How can I work with my Tarot more effectively? Come and join our Meditation with the Tarot.