30-min Online Tarot Reading


(All price quoted in HKD)

Do you want to step forward and achieve your goal?

Do you need some help with your first step?

Do you want to let go of what upsets you from the past and start to have fun?

A Tarot reading may be able to give you clear insights into the steps you can take to move forward when you are uncertain. It helps us navigate through challenges smoothly when we are stuck. It frees us from our emotional traps.

It is a powerful tool that helps us see beyond the illusion of our problems, the chaos and confusions, and gives us the guidance on the steps to go beyond. It can also heal your old hurts and help you build the life you want in joy and ease.

Here is what you can get from my reading:

An understanding of

  1. where you are at the moment and the reason behind
  2. what you can do to create change
  3. how you could make your first step or a step closer to your goal
  4. how to fully embrace your potentials and move forward in joy

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Feel free to share the videos to your friends and family whom you may feel can enjoy some benefits.