Online relaxation visualisation


(Price is quoted in HKD)

Come and join this 45-min online relaxation meditation gathering where you can calm your mind and connect to your heart.

It is an excellent opportunity for people who

  • have problem sleeping
  • who feel stressed
  • who want to have some moment of peace and tranquility daily
  • who wants to do it at home
  • do not want to do it alone
  • are beginners and need some assistance

In each session, I will share with you some visualisations that can help you connect to the balance and harmony that is within you and you can use those skill as often as possible to strengthen your connection to your inner peace.

If you cannot attend online or if you live in a different time zone, not to worry, you can sign up for recording of the exercise.

Fee: HKD100 per recorded exercise (HKD500 for 6 recorded exercises)

If you are ready to join online or want to have your own personal session, simply contact me to arrange a time that works for you.