Energy protection class


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Learn how taking personal responsibility to protect your own energy can help you stay connected in the busy world.

Do you easily feel tired even though you have a healthy life style?
Do you sometimes feel sad/angry/worried/depressed without any reason particularly in the evening or when you are in a crowded space?
Do you often have headaches?
Do you sometimes suddenly feel very uncomfortable when you enter an area or when some strangers pass by but without knowing why and your instinct is to leave?

These could all be because your energy field (some people call it qi) is wild open and you have become a psychic sponge and absorb any energy that is floating around.

How can you not be a psychic sponge and react to everything? How can you protect our own personal energy field? How can you maintain your inner peace and balance throughout your day? How can you stop feeling constantly tired or uncomfortable without reason?

In this  class, I will share with you how you can protect our own personal energy field especially when you are in a crowded space and when you are going through challenges and why taking personal responsibility is to important especially in challenging times.

I will also share with you some quick, simple and effective exercises that you can practise daily to help you be more aware of your personal energy field. When you feel off, these exercises can help you get back on track easily and stay connected to your own inner peace during the day.

Duration: 2 hours (online)