Align to Balance and Harmony (custom-made session)


Do you struggle to have

1) a work life balance
2) financial balance
3) harmonious relationship at home and at work?

Are you fed up with the dramas in your life or are you bored with your life?
Do you want to have more clarity on how to live the life you want?

Breakthrough to Harmony is a custom-made programme to assist you to build and live your life in balance and harmony on all levels.

Through a series of simple and efficient exercises, you will discover what is constantly upsetting you and creating chaos in your life and how you can stop running like a mouse on the wheel.

You will gain clarity on what steps you can start to take to make changes in your life, have a new understanding of how you can harness your inner strengths to build a sustainable balanced life, and acquire a set of skills that allows you navigate smoothly through new challenges.

Most importantly, you will be amazed by how much you can achieve within a short period of time and know you can have fun moving forward.

This programme comprises of 8 one-hour session. In addition, you will be given some simple exercises and meditations in-between sessions.

Fee: HKD8000 (online only)

This programme is available in Cantonese or English. If you would like to have face-to-face session or want to discover if this is a fit for you, please email me.