Difficult pregnancy

My story

I am Sonia Sirgue and I have a 4 year-old daughter. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy, like most parents, I was happy and excited. I was looking forward to do all pre-natal activities.

When I was at Week 5/6, something happened that shattered this illusion. I started to have rash on both legs and feet. It was itchy. I was shocked to see those dots and I could only wear long dress to cover my legs despite the heat. I asked  some experienced moms but none of them knew what had happened.

My skin situation eventually got worse. The rash had spread from feet to all over my body except my face. The itch became unbearable. Wearing clothes was difficult because the contact between fabric and my skin made me want to scratch so badly.

That was the momemt when my gynecologist told me I had PUPPP, a chronic hives-like rash that struck some pregnant women. I was also told to bed rest until I gave birth.  At that time, I was only at Week 27. I still had another 13 weeks to go.

My mood went darker and darker. I was stressed. I felt lonely. My parents and my in-laws do not live in HK. I didn’t want to meet my friends because I didn’t want to put on any clothes.

The situation went on until one day…

I decided that I could no longer stay in this situation anymore. I went searching. Not on the internet. I searched within myself.

I asked myself what I could do that would help me deal with my emotional stress.  After a few trials, I have finally found one step that I could take each day to alleviate my mood. Since then I have offered them to other moms in similar situation.

Now I am ready to share those techniques with parents who are facing difficult pregnancies to move beyond the current challenges and truly start to enjoy the wonderful journey they are on.

If you are suffering from similar situation such as PUPPP, depression, stress, let me know how I can support you.