Bonding with your Babies

Do you find it difficult to connect to your newborn or baby?
Do you judge yourself for not giving all the attention that you feel you should give to your baby? Do you want to connect to your baby however you don’t know what is the first step?

Difficult Pregnancy

In this page, you will find different programs that are dedicated to assist would-be parents how to navigate smoothly through pregnancy shock or a difficult pregnancy e.g. the mother is having PUPPP or is restricted to bed young parents.

How to maintain peace when you are facing a screaming baby.

Babies and toddlers to destress and relax with the help from the parents so that they can sleep longer and deeper.

Relaxation Gathering for Parents

This relaxation gathering is specifically for parents who would like to take a few moments to focus on themselves and regain clarity and harmony.

Relaxing Angels

Would you like to help your baby feel calm and secure when you are in a crowded space?
Do you want to know how to deal with your stress and feel zen when your baby is screaming for your attention?