Moving beyond your excuses and procrastination workshop

First step to check what is your Excuse that leads to Procrastination and Frustration and what step can you take to let it go.

  1. Do you procrastinate?
  2. Do you say: “Yes, I will change”, yet you won’t let go of your old habits?
  3. Do you feel invisible?
  4. Do you want to have some promotions in your lives but do not want to take risk or more responsibility?

In this 2-hour online private workshop, you will begin to discover

  • Why do you hold onto your excuses and procrastination
  • What are the reasons behinds
  • How to move beyond these limitations
  • What steps to take to move closer to your goal

Fee: HKD1000 (2 hours private workshop online)
Group workshop is available upon request
Workshop is available in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.
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Enjoy a 15-min chat to know how this workshop can assist you.