My journey with the Tarot

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A long time ago, like many people, I saw the Tarot as a tool to predict the future, a tool to tell people what type of job they should get or what relationship they should have. I thought as long as you remembered the definition of each card written in many books available in the market, you would be good at it.

My understanding completely changed when I began to read the cards for myself. A very wise person told me before I started practising that if I want to work with the Tarot, I shall not read any book. Instead I could meditate and let the cards talk to me.

Honestly, I thought that was a bit funny. How could the card talk? Also, it was a bit too late. I have already read those books a decade ago.

However, why not?

So I took one card every day for the next coming 3 months. I would begin by asking what I needed to know today. I thought I always got an answer especially if I got the same card. After all, if you got the card “Strength”, it meant strength, right?

After a while, I began to be quite bored with the cards. I felt I was not going anywhere.

One day, I was prompted to ask a different question. I was prompted to ask what Spirit wanted to show me.

Once I asked that question, I felt I started to have a deeper understanding of what the card was trying to show me.

I finally begin to see that the Tarot is one of the many tools that Spirit uses to communicate with us. It is trying to get my attention without me getting into my head.

From that day onwards, I have embarked on a journey that I am still not quite sure where it is going to land. However, it is fun as now Spirit is the captain, not my head.

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