Letting go of your hesitation and resistance

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you feel overwhelmed easily?

Do you feel you have the solution within but you still cannot make the first step?

Are you looking for some changes in your life – a promotion, new relationship or relocation and are afraid to step forward?

Do you procrastinate?

Do you say: “Yes, I will change”, yet you won’t let go of your old habits?Do you get upset at yourself, people around you or at a situation easily?

Would you like to move forward and start truly living your life in joy?

In this 8 one-hour programme, you will discover what is your real hesitation and resistance, where they are operating within and how to let them go through understanding.

See how this programme has helped others.

One client was struggling with a divorce and a boring job. Halfway through the programme, she regained her confidence to move forward. At the end, she has found an exciting job in a leading financial institute and she let go of her anger with her ex-husband. In her own words, she has got the biggest promotion ever.

One client was struggling whether he should retire and move back to Europe or he should take up a new job with a young boss. After this programme, he realized that he didn’t want to retire as it was his reaction to his fear. Once he has understood what was stopping him moving forward, he got his confidence back. He has decided to take up the job offer and started again in a new company with bigger responsibility at the age of 65.

In this programme, you will work through

  • What are your real hesitation and resistance
  • Where are they operating within
  • How to turn your blockages into opportunities
  • What practical steps or exercises that can help you moving forward 
  • How to navigate through new challenges
  • How to stay on track moving forward

Cost: HKD8000 (online) 

Duration: 8 one-hour session

If you would like to have a chat with me to see how this programme can help you, please email me.

If you would like to have face-to-face session, please email me.