Knowing your unique combination of Essential Archetypes™ can help you navigate through mental challenges, release emotional burdens, understand your value, enjoy your relationship and having the life you want. 

*Essential Archetypes™ is created by Helen Barton from Insight Teachings. 


Mentoring & Tarot 

This is an unique opportunity offered to anyone who has come for a Tarot reading and would like to understand deeper the area that have been highlighted by the Major Arcana (Higher Energies) in the reading and combine this insight with the powerful Essential Archetypes™ to acquire set of skills to move forward. 

Hesitation & Resistance 

Would you like to let go of your hesitation and resistance and start truly living your life in joy? Do you know what is the first step you can take to stop being a mouse on the wheel?

Hear what my clients say

Relaxation Meditation

Do you sleep well? 
Are you always under stress?
Do you want to have just some time off for yourself?

If you are looking for a space and a time where you can just be yourself freely, I invite you to join my relaxation meditation evening where I will guide you through a gentle exercise where you can reconnect to your inner peace and harmony. 

No experience needed. All are welcomed.