Letting go of fear can be fun

I was scared of learning how to drive for more than 10 years. Every year, I promised myself I would overcome my fear and took some driving lessons. In 2018, I made the same promise again. Only this time, my husband asked “When are you actually going to do it because it has been 10 years you have used the same excuse.” I was shocked because I didn’t know how long I have held onto my excuses. How automatic I have become when I used my fear to stop me from trying something new.
This realisation motivated me to take some classes and finally got my license in 2019. Am I the best driver? No. Am I happy to get my license? Definitely. Did I try to talk myself out of it? Of course I did but I decided each time when I wanted to run away, I would stay and take the next step. (If you have seen me in my first few lessons, I was shaking and crying and I guessed my instructor was wondering why I was even in the car.)
What are your excuses that you have held onto so tightly that stopped you from trying something new? How would you feel when those limitations are no longer there? What’s the first thing you would like to let go of? What is the first new thing / experience you would like to do/try?
If you are unclear how to make the change, I am going to share my tips and tools that I have learnt over the years which have helped me tremendously with you.
Format can be online or one on one / group face-to-face session
Cantonese or English
Send me a message and see how far this programme can help you.