How a small change can distract your attention from your worries

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What can you do at home that distract your attention from the virus and bring you joy?

In the past few weeks, I, like many people who are living in HK have been spending endless hours online looking for masks, hand sanitizers, toilet paper or any cleaning products. The search always seemed endless, hopeless and definitely energy draining. 

One morning, I was about to explode because I was so fed up, I suddenly heard a little voice within me telling me to play Jenga. 

It is not a game that I normally play. The last time I did it was probably a decade ago. However, I decided to follow this voice. 

Although the game didn’t last very long, the impact was enormous.

I felt so much lighter because I have spent 15 minutes on laughing instead of worrying. I laughed when I struggled to get the wooden blocks out. I laughed because my hands were shaking. I laughed simply because the other player was laughing. 

Now, my question to you is “What activity could you do at home that can distract your attention from the virus and bring you joy?” 

Feel free to share your ideas and inspire others.

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