How do I know if a Tarot reading is genuine?

“How do I know if the reading is genuine?” 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when people talk about the Tarot. 

Many years ago, when I went for some readings, no matter how good they were, I often asked myself these questions. 

“How do I know if this reader is really genuine or if he/she is just repeating what I have shared in a different way?” “Why can’t the reader just give me a clear answer? It is not that difficult to say Yes or No, is it?” “Is this deck more powerful than the other deck?”

Now I am a reader myself. I would like to share some tips with the old me. 

  1. Ask your intuition. Your intuition would always tell you when the reading is genuine or not. Your intuition is your best friend. Trust it and pay attention to it.
  2. Be open hearted. Are you willing to be open hearted when you go for a reading? If you are not prepared to listen to the answers, why do you want to waste your time and money? 
  3. Let go of your expectations. Have you already decided what the outcome should be before you go for a reading? Are you willing to hear what the message is even though it could make you feel uncomfortable? 

For me, a genuine reading is always when the reader and the client are willing to be open-hearted to listen to what Spirit wants to share with us. 

Now. Here is my question for you. Can my answer help you? If you are not sure, how about go and ASK YOUR INTUITION!?