Hello Tarot my old friend

When I started my journey with the Tarot, I was young. I read all the books that I could find. I studied the text like I was studying for my exams. I gave readings to people based on the information provided by the books. If two people got the same cards, I would give them the same reading.

When I reached my mid-20s, I threw all my tarot cards away because I thought I didn’t need them anymore. Why did I need my tarot when everything went well? That was my perception of the Tarot. It was just a tool to get what I wanted. Nothing more.

I didn’t think of the Tarot for another 10 years until one day my teacher suggested me to practise the cards again. When I picked up the deck, I suddenly realised how much I have missed my old friend. The reconnection is instant.

Only this time, I know I am ready to listen to what the cards are teaching me, to be humble to connect to the Spirit and the true meaning of the Tarot. Most importantly, I open my heart to listen to what Spirit has always been waiting to teach me rather than telling them what I want to hear.

It really feels like coming home.