Who am I and wha service do I offer?

My name is Sonia Sirgue. I am an Essential Archetypes certified mentor by Insight Teachings, a Tarot reader and a meditation facilitator. I am also  a mother, a wife and a daughter.

My work is to help people transmute anger, pain and uncertainty into acceptance, grow with harmony and build in balance through my meditations, tarot readings and mentoring.

I help my clients deal with being overwhelmed, find clarity and purpose in life, build better relationships and appreciate their own value.

I teach simple and practical steps that my clients can use at any time to overcome challenging situations.When I work with my clients, I hold them accountable which often motivates them to breakthrough.  

I offer guided meditation exercises online or in studio to people who feel stressed or lost. In my sessions, people can create their own personal space where they can relax, realign and reconnect to themselves. When they leave, they will feel recharged.

I give Tarot readings to people who seek clarity, insights into their current situations and simple actions that they can take to go beyond. Tarot is a good tool for people who want to seek guidance but not yet ready for meditation.  

For people who would like to work on in-depth personal development, I offer group workshops and one-to-one tailor-made mentoring based on my personal experience and training.

How did I begin?

After working in the event industry in Europe for a decade, at the age of 32, I decided I would have a complete change of career. I would work in the legal industry even though I have no relevant experience nor any formal training. It was a bold move. However, I was very desperate for a change and I was not afraid of the outcome. From my work and job hunting experience and now motherhood,  I have learnt to pay attention to my inner strengths and how to harness them in unfamiliar and challenging situations. 

Now I am offering those insights and tools in various workshops. 

Contact me for a chat to see how far my programmes can take you.