In this garden, I hope you will find the tools that bring you clarity, balance, harmony and joy

Sonia Sirgue.

What are your Essential Archetype™ make up?

  • Are you someone who wants peace at all cost but that peace may not bring you happiness? 
  • Are you someone who is very critical to self?
  • Are you someone who is afraid of change even though it means it will bring positive outcome to your life or your situation

Have you ever thought of what is the real reason behind? 

If you are curious why you behave this way and want to know your own unique Essential Archetypes make up, click here for a free 15 minute chat with me. 

Weekly Tarot online reading 

Every week, I do a one-card reading specific for a situation e.g. Finance, Relationship, Career, Physical.

In this short reading, I talk about what is the overall energy at the moment and how you can work with this energy constructively.

Click here to watch more. 


Feeling stressed? Want to realign to your heart? Just want to take some time off for yourself but don’t know where to begin. Here, you can access a collection of relaxation exercises that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

If you find it hard to meditate or relax on your own or you would like to meet like-minded people, you are welcomed to join my weekly relaxation online class. No experience is needed. 

What services are available to you?

Tarot reading 

If you like my online one-card reading and want to have a deeper and fuller understanding of your own personal situation and how to move forward, I invite you to book a private individual, couple or group reading. 

Essential Archetype™ Mentoring 

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel lost? Are you full of frustration?

What are your fear and judgement? What excuses or distractions do you often use?

Find out how my Essential Archetype mentoring can help you take the first step to go beyond your  own doubts and worries, begin to understand yourself deeper, and finally reach the self acceptance that you may be looking for. 

Essential Archetypes™ created by Helen Barton from Insight Teachings

Relaxation Visualisation/ Meditation

Are you ready to take some time out each week for yourself and align to your own inner peace? Do you want to reconnect to balance and harmony? Do you simply want to have a few moment to shut off all the outside noises?

Every week, I offer online relaxation meditation gatherings for people on all levels.  All are welcomed and no prerequisite is required. 

If you cannot attend live gathering, you can also sign up for the exercise recording. 


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